Household Items

Other Dry Cleaning Services

A-One Fine Dry Cleaning can help you keep your entire home smelling clean and fresh! From Draperies to Blinds, Slipcovers to Blankets, Comforters to Down Pillows, Tablecloths to Bed Linens —- We do it all!


We recommend having your draperies cleaned every year or every other year with frequent vacuuming in between. The dust that settles on you drapes, coupled with the heat and light from the sun and interior lights, can have damaging effects on your draperies. Cleaning them as recommended keeps them from drying out, and results in longer life. We always recommend cleaning all matching items together.


Have you ever tried to clean your blinds yourself? By the time you take them down, scrub them in the tub, and get them back up, they look even worse than they did when you began. Our state-of-the-art Ultra Sound cleaning removes the dirt and stains throughout the blind with NO SCRUBBING. This special process even removes the dirt from the ropes and gears, allowing your blinds to operate smoothly. This gentle process safely cleans your duet and pleated shades as well. Trust these investments to the professionals at A-One Fine Dry Cleaning. Here’s the best part. We’ll take them down and re-hang them for FREE! Just call us at 351-AONE and ask to have one of our drivers stop by at your convenience.

Comforters / Bedspreads / Dust Ruffles / Duvets

Our large capacity wet cleaning and dry cleaning equipment is specially designed to handle these large items. After the gentle solvents and detergents clean and sanitize these items, the large capacity machines allow them to tumble and dry thoroughly, leaving them smelling clean and fresh. Once again, we recommend cleaning all matching items together to keep their uniformity.

Down Pillows

Our unique way of cleaning your down pillows may surprise you as well. We start off by emptying all of the feathers into our Pillow-Vac machine. They are then tumbled for several minutes. As they are tumbled and fluffed, they are sanitized and deodorized using ozone germicidal lamps. The dust-free feathers are then blown into a brand new ticking, and you will be presented with a renovated pillow with the feel and smell it had when it was purchased.

Table Linens

Not every cleaner can handle table linens. In fact, you will find most don’t. From the old tablecloth you just want to freshen up, to your finest family heirlooms, you can trust your things to us. Our specially designed detergents maximize stain removal, while our professional staff carefully press every inch of your linens. Meal presentation means everything! Don’t trust your table linens to anyone else.

Bed Linens

That’s right! We will even clean your sheets and pillowcases. Your sheets are washed and pressed the way you want them. Whether you like the crisp starched feel, or the soft delicate feel, you will sleep in comfort when you have your bed linens professionally cleaned and pressed by A-One Fine Dry Cleaning.

Fire & Water Restoration

For more information on our fabric restoration from fire and water damage services, please visit or call 866-964-2663 24 hours a day.