Wedding Dress Cleaning & Restoration

Your wedding gown and other family heirlooms will undoubtedly be the most precious AND most expensive fabrics you will buy. Trust the professionals at A-One Fine Dry Cleaning for the care of your most precious fabrics and wedding dress cleaning. We have the staff and techniques available to remove difficult stains, while treating the delicate fabrics and beading with the care they require.

Many stains can become invisible after they dry on the fabric. Over a period of time, and under certain conditions, these stains will begin to oxidize and turn yellow. In fact, the entire item can begin to turn yellow if not treated in a timely manner. It is important to point all spills out to our staff prior to cleaning, so that we can specifically treat these areas and be confident that they are completely removed.

Beads and sequins that are on many wedding gowns require specific attention as well. When buying your dress, check to see if the sequins or beads are sewn on or actually glued on. Some solvents will dissolve glue. An inexperienced cleaner or one who lacks the specific solvents required to gently clean these items, can cause them to melt or even fall off during cleaning. A-One has 3 different cleaning solutions to help prevent these types of problems. Beads that are sewn on should be carefully checked as well, especially the areas that were dragged across the floor during the ceremony. Even though these items are sewn on, if they are subjected to a lot of abuse while wearing and dancing in the dress, the delicate threads used to attach the beading become weak. This weakened condition can allow the beads to come off when subjected to the agitation required during the cleaning process. Many times these dresses can be soaked for long periods of time to reduce this agitation. However, if the soil is ground in, some agitation will be required. We recommend that you carefully review your entire dress with our staff at the time it is brought into the cleaners.

Restoring Your Heirlooms

Have you pulled out your grandmothers gown or fine table linens, only to find they are so yellow they are almost unrecognizable. This is the type of work that separates the true professionals from the average cleaner. Although there are some limitations due to fabric content and severity of stains, A-One’s professional staff is trained to revitalize the original beauty of these fabrics. We use proven techniques and detergents that gently remove the discoloration found in fabrics that have aged or have been subjected to undesirable conditions. We are sure that you will be pleasantly surprised with the improved appearance your items will have after they are treated by the professionals at A-One Fine Dry Cleaning.