Quality Dry Cleaning and Garment Care

A-One Dry Cleaners Inc. has been providing the Greater Cincinnati area with quality dry cleaning and laundry services for over 60 years. We are determined to meet our customers needs in all aspects of garment cleaning. This commitment to quality is why we remain one of the areas premier cleaners.

  • A-One has the latest state-of-the-art equipment available. Each machine has multiple cycles that allow us to be as delicate as possible when handling your fine garments, while still providing the agitation needed to remove the stains that are present on the item.
  • A-One provides quality dry cleaning through three different types of cleaning methods as well. Some solvents are more aggressive, while others are quite gentle. Having this variety allows us the flexibility that most cleaners do not have. No matter what the fabric content is, or what special beading is attached to the garment, A-One can meet your needs.
  • Another way we go the extra mile is by adding sizing. Repeatedly wearing and cleaning your garments will cause them to lose their shape and become limp. A-One adds sizing to every load, allowing your garments to keep the body they had when they were new.
  • How do you like your shirts? Our specially formulated detergent keeps your colors bright and your whites white. There won’t be any ring around the collar from a shirt treated by the professional staff at A-One. We have also acquired the latest in shirt pressing technology. This technology coupled with our diligence in replacing our padding, keeps your collars and cuffs crisp and neat, while drastically reducing the chances of broken buttons. The bottom line is, we produce the “Best Shirts in Town”.
  • Proper packaging reduces the chances of wrinkling after your items are returned to you. This is another area we take great pride in. Lightweight garments require foam hanger covers and tissue in the sleeves to prevent undesirable creases during storage. While sport coats and blazers are packaged with lapel holders to help keep the soft roll the lapel has when it is professionally finished. There is no “cutting corners” when it comes to giving your items the attention they deserve.

When your garments are cleaned and finished by A-One Fine Dry Cleaning, you can wear them knowing they have been handled in a professional manner, and have been treated with the utmost care, ensuring they will have the look and feel you hoped for when you originally purchased your items. Why trust your garments to anyone else? After all, “How you look is how you feel!”. That is quality dry cleaning.

Fire & Water Restoration

For more information on our fabric restoration from fire and water damage services, please visit RenewalbyA-OneCleaners.com or call 866-964-2663 24 hours a day.