Fabric Care Tips

Summer Storage

Are you worried about storing your fine garments over the summer months?

How can you keep those moths from destroying your wardrobe?

Here’s a Tip that may help:

First of all, NEVER store items in plastic (especially natural fibers — Wool, silk and cotton fibers need to breathe…), and you should always clean your items prior to storing them (Moths lay their eggs on soiled garments, allowing them to feed on the soil).

Place all of your storage items in one closet. Lay a sheet out on the floor below the items and place some cedar chips in the center of the sheet. Then, pull the sheet up around the clothing items, starting from the bottom and pulling the sheet up around the neck. Hold the sheet in place using a rubber band or safety pins. You have just created an inexpensive cedar closet… Moths do not like the smell of Cedar an will avoid the area. But don’t take short cuts… be sure to clean the items first as an extra precaution.

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Fire & Water Restoration

For more information on our fabric restoration from fire and water damage services, please visit www.a-onefabricrestoration.com or call 866-964-2663 24 hours a day.