Alterations & Shoe Repair

Not Just Dry Cleaning!

Our professional staff of seamstresses and tailors is available 6 days a week to “fit” your every need.


Have you recently purchased an expensive suit or dress, but it just doesn’t fit quite the way you would like? Our staff has a full line of sewing machines that compliment their extensive knowledge and expertise. They can alter any item, to any length or any width you desire. If shortening it requires the legs to be tapered, that’s just part of the job for these professionals. Lined items are never a problem. In fact, they can re-line you whole outfit if need be. Our staff has literally fit thousands of customers. You could be the next. And here’s the best part. Fittings are always FREE. Just give them a visit at our Main Office located at 6211 Montgomery Road, or call us at 351-AONE. We do have three convenient locations, and our store manager can set up an appointment to have you fitted at most of our stores.


Do your clothes fit perfectly, but the darn zipper just doesn’t work right? Did you catch your coat in your car door? These are the types of repairs we see every day. From repairing zippers to replacing zippers, re-attaching buttons or snaps, attaching emblems and patches, or even turning the collars and cuffs on your old, worn-out, favorite shirt. Call us before you decide to part ways with it. We can always give you a price before doing any work. Then you can make your decision. You may be shocked with just how well our masterful staff can make that horrible rip look like it was part of the outfit’s design.

Shoe Repair

Your shoes can be a sizable investment, and at some point you will finally get them to the point where they fit just right. As fate would have it, this is when you will break a heel, or tear a seam. This doesn’t mean the shoe is ruined, and you need to start the whole process over again. Call the professionals at A-One. We can do just about anything that needs to be done in order to restore your shoes. If they just need a good cleaning and polishing, send them in with your cleaning the next time. You will love the results. Have you totally worn out the sole? That doesn’t mean they’re ready for the trash. We can completely replace the sole and heel, and you will be left with a shoe that still has that same comfortable feel you love. Buying new shoes are a hassle! Let A-One restore your existing pair, and you can spend your time doing things you enjoy!

Here are just some of the things they do each day:

  • Replace zippers.
  • Shorten draperies.
  • Reline coats, pants and shorts.
  • Shorten and lengthen sleeves.
  • Remove and add cuffs.
  • Alter wedding dresses.
  • Take in and let out waistbands.
  • Add or replace buttons and snaps.
  • Lower collars.
  • Add zippers.
  • Raise shoulders.
  • Add shoulder pads.
  • Turn collars and cuffs.
  • Alter leathers and fur.
  • Replace elastic.
  • Taper slacks and trousers.
  • Replace and add pockets.
  • Attach emblems, school letters and patches.
  • Repair and replace blanket binding.
  • Alter curtains to fit new rods.
  • Rework button holes.
  • Make belt loops.